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B. 1983 - Toronto, Canada


Two Person Show 
w/Jake Freeman
Racecar Factory 
Indianapolis, Indiana

2022 - Sudden Death, The Drey Gallery, Toronto
2014 - 1983, Goodfellas Gallery, Toronto
2013 - Unknown Pleasu
res, Goodfellas Gallery, Toronto
2012 - Guillotine Dreams, Goodfellas Gallery, Toronto


2023 - Measure Once, Cut Twice - Racecar Factory - Indianapolis
2022 - Fracutured Utopia - Karsh Masson Gallery - Ottawa
2022 - Apophenia Zephyr - The Drey Gallery - Toronto
2018 - Ghosts of Electricity - Smoke The Moon, Los Angeles
2018 - Simmer 3 - The Costume House, Toronto
2018 - Summer School - Assembly Gallery, Hamilton
2018 - GIFC (Got It For Cheap) - The Costume House, Toronto
2018 - Simmer 2, The Costume House, Toronto
2018 - Hey Y'all, OnlyOne Gallery, Toronto
2017 - Salon Show, The Sussex Contemporary, Ottawa
2017 - Hangnail, 183 Geary Ave, Toronto
2017 - Inaugural Group Show, The Sussex Contemporary, Ottawa
2017 - Simmer, 165 Geary Ave, Toronto
2016 - Keepers, Forest City Gallery, London
2016 - A Hanging, Toronto
2016 - Spring Training, Only One Gallery, Toronto
2016 - Full Spectrum, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga
2016 - New Beginnings, Northern Contemporary, Toronto
2015 - In Kind Group Show & Fundraiser, Forest City Gallery, London
2015 - Summer Group Show, Angell Gallery, Toronto
2015 - Tags On Cups, The Black Cat Gallery, Toronto
2015 – Local Flora, Hashtag Gallery, Toronto
2014 – Animals of Mass Extinction, Steam Whistle Gallery, Toronto
2013 – Let it Burn, Hashtag Gallery, Toronto
2013 – Paradise Lost, The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
2013 – Borderline, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga
2013 – The Cat’s Meow, Hashtag Gallery, Toronto
2012 – Neck of the Woods, Norman Felix Gallery, Toronto
2012 – Darkness, Milk Glass Gallery, Toronto
2012 – By The Pound, Goodfellas Gallery, Toronto
2012 – S.A.S.S., Rustic Owl, Toronto
2011 – Art Market, 99 Sudbury, Toronto


2017 - VIBE Arts For Children and Youth, Angell Gallery, Toronto
2016 - Keepers, Fundraiser, Forest City Gallery, London
2016 - VIBE Arts For Children and Youth,Angell Gallery, Toronto
2015 – VIBE Arts For Children and Youth, Angell Gallery, Toronto
2014 – Recovery + Resolve, Creatures Creating Gallery, Toronto
2013 – Paint The Halls, Women’s College Hospital Fundraiser, Toronto
2012 – One Less Paper Cup, The Mascot, Toronto
2012 - UpLIft Benefit for Africa (Ryan's Well Foundation), Toronto


Tyler Armstrong is a Canadian artist who works with figurative based acrylic and oil based paintings, drawings and collage. He has showcased work in solo and group exhibitions in Toronto, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Hamilton and London. In 2013, he was invited to show work in the group show Borderline, at the Living Arts Center in Mississauga alongside a roster of contemporary emerging and mid-level career artists. In that same year he exhibited a two week long show at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, entitled Paradise Lost. In 2012, Tyler presented his first solo show in Toronto at Goodfellas Gallery; he would go on to have consecutive solo shows in 2013 and 2014 in the same space respectively. His most recent solo effort was in January of 2022 in Toronto where he exhibited a new collection of work.

In 2015 he joined Angell Gallery's Summer Group Show and participated in the annual VIBE Arts auction (an organization that benefits youth arts in Toronto), which was curated exclusively by Angell Gallery. In 2016, Tyler was included in and co-curated the group exhibit, Full Spectrum, at the Living Arts Center in Mississauga.

In 2017, Tyler’s painting ‘Hypocrite’ was chosen by Spanish publisher, Fulgencio Pimentel, to be featured on the cover of author Ruben Lardin’s latest novel, “La hora atomica” (The Atomic Hour). He was included in the Sussex Contemporary’s inaugural month long group show in Ottawa in that same year. In 2017 and 2018, Tyler created and curated three consecutive group shows of emerging and mid-level career artists under the banner ‘Simmer’ in Toronto as well as exhibited works in a group exhibit in Los Angeles.


Tyler recently created a body of new work which culminated in a solo show in Toronto in January of last year as well he exhibited paintings and collages in the group show 'Fractured Utopia' at Karsh Masson Gallery in Ottawa.

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